The Truth About Bridal Gown Shopping

The truth about bridal gown shopping:

Facts that all brides should know when shopping for a bridal gown.

Bridal gown shopping can be daunting when it should be one of the most exciting shopping experiences in your lifetime. We want to educate our brides on the truth about shopping for the perfect bridal gown and the alterations process.

Shopping for that perfect bridal gown:

  • You will look beautiful in more than one gown and it will be difficult at times to decide which one is the one. We encourage our brides to reference the setting of their venue and what they want to look like in their wedding pictures 5 years from today. 
  • White gowns compared to Ivory: White is beautiful and traditional, however, your photographer may increase the lighting in your photos and a white dress tends to be blown out by the lighting or photoshop. White lace and tulle tends to have a blue-white tint and does not always look as flattering in natural light.

Shipping times and Delivery for bridal gowns:

  • The average time for delivery from most major bridal designers is 4 months. Many brides are misinformed by bridal stores to make the bride feel like she must buy today at their store and not shop anymore. So when the bridal store tells you it takes 9 months for a bridal gown to come in, do not stress and do not settle!
  • Custom bridal gowns may take up to a year depending on the availability of the lace or fabric in the specifications given for the custom gown. We have many options for brides looking for a custom bridal gown with a more simplistic vision available within 2-3 month production time. If you would like to make changes to an existing bridal gown style, please contact our consultants to find out if this is something that can be done and the time it may take to do so. 

Bridal alterations and bridal seamstress:

  • The average cost for typical bridal alterations is $150 - $300. This includes the standard alterations of a hem and taking in the gown to fit appropriately. Our team charges $15-$25 per bustle depending on how many layers are included in the skirt. Unfortunately most bridal stores will mislead the bride to believe bridal alterations will cost double compared to our standard cost of alterations. Some bridal stores will even convince the bride that she must pay a certain amount for alterations at the time of ordering. This is completely wrong and unfair to the bride. This is due to the bridal store charging above and beyond what the seamstress is charging for the work. We do not practice this type of business because we believe it is unfair to the bride and taking advantage of the customer. 
  • Most bridal fabrics are handled the same way most formal gowns are handled. So do not let the seamstress or bridal store charge you triple the amount of what you would pay for evening gown alterations. All brides are welcome to contact our experienced staff to ask alterations questions.